Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Aloha everyone! Welcome to the Wrigley Neighborhood Food Exchange. I like to call it the Co-Op. I have started this forum for us to have an easier time swapping the goods.

Please email me privately for your items to be posted. I will try and keep it as simple as possible to make the exchange. So far so good.

Our first 2 exchanges happened last weekend. I passed along herbs and received avocados and some nice little Mexican limes.

I will update this as often as I receive info from you guys. I don't want your hard earned picking going to waste.

Again, thanks for your participation and I can't wait to eat your food!


Dave Clark said...

Wonderful idea... already traded Sasha some limne for her basil... and purple too! Plus Carol and I made anew friend by meeting a new neighbor!
Dave Clark

Adriana said...

Hooray for the food exchange! I hope to contribute soon.


Barbara said...

Have nothing to exchange at the moment but looking forward to this. Such a brilliant idea!!