Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Last Night's Exchange

Big thanks to everyone who participated. I gave away lots of lettuce and I gained an eggplant seedling and tons of lemons. I will use them all.

After the meeting adjourned there was some talk of people building raised beds and getting rid of their lawns. Its such great news. Eat more homegrown, love that.

Looking forward to next month. I wonder who is going to be the first one with tomatoes. I hope for bushels and bales.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, there. I keep missing the Co-op, but I'll be bringing in seedlings next time--I started a lot of heirloom tomato seeds (30 varieties) and have two raised beds and a backyard and not enough room for all the plants I have growing in quart-size pots.

See you next month,