Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wrigley Garden- We Can Dig It!

Wonderful news for all my gardening friends and neighbors. 1950 and 1960 Henderson Avenue has been approved for us to start our Community Garden.

Today we will be out there measuring and checking out the property. We heard that this land was once Indian land, so amazing. If you are interested in reserving a plot please let us know. You can email me @ This lot is huge so there will be plenty to go around.

We want you to know now though that there is a catch with the property (but of course) we will be able to farm here for 2 years only. We must move out January 31st and return the property to the city. But the good news with that is they will be building Habitat for Humanity housing there and by then we will have found a permanent piece of land. Think of this as a practice run.

Anyway, its all very exciting. I'll let everyone know when its time to dig.

Thanks for all the help and support this is going to be great!

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